Too many businesses have forgotten that social media is a community

Social media is no longer a new part of running a business, but that doesn’t meant that everyone is getting it right.

I believe that’s due to, in part, that brands have forgotten the original purpose of social media. To be social.

Perhaps not so long ago it was just enough for a business to have social media, to post now and then about their products and services and leave it at that. A job which became easier and more time-efficient when scheduling tools came in.

But posting into the void is no longer enough. Too many brands are still talking at their customers rather with with them.

We all know that social media is now saturated with brands. If you don’t have it, you’re massively missing a trick and a chance to get your services in front of the right audience and challenge your competitors. But how do you actually stand out and make an impact?

The key is engagement. It’s not flashy, and it’s not obvious, but it’s HUGELY important. Actually talking and responding to your customers is the biggest impact you can have on your platform’s growth and ultimately your reach.

People go on social media to be a part of a community. Those communities vary in size, they can be personal, regional or global. If you want to your brand to be noticed online, you have to be a part of those communities and join in the conversations.

It takes time, there’s no doubt about that. It’s also one of those methods that doesn’t lend itself to figuring out ROI, which means it’s often the aspect of social media marketing that’s left behind when other things take up time.

People want authentic. Social media is marketing, not advertising. Simply throwing your sales pitch out onto Facebook won’t cut it. Get to know your audience, talk to your customers and join in wider conversations. That way, your brand becomes more than just a business, it becomes and personality.

Just take a look at Innocent Smoothies and count how many times they actually tweet about their smoothies and you’ll soon realise it’s not much. But are they suffering? No. Will people remember and value their authenticity when they’re thirsty and in the corner shop? Yes.

Need help to implement an engagement strategy or want to learn more? Contact Second Star Campaigns.

Kate Delaney
07974 054637

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