Why optimising content to each social media platform is important

We’ve all seen it. Tweets that include tons of irrelevant hashtags like #dogsofinstagram and don’t actually feature the photo because it’s been automatically re-posted onto Twitter without consideration for the differences in platforms.

I understand why it happens. We’re all time poor and pressing a button to post it all your platforms is 1000 times quicker than re-writing your post for another platform, but it couldn’t be more important.

You’ll probably hear ‘authenticity’ floating around a lot in social media marketing spheres, but despite it becoming a bit of a buzzword, it does matter.

People want to feel like they’re connecting with someone behind the brand and when you just re-post, it comes across as very stilted, aside from the fact that most of the time, content simply doesn’t work on some platforms.

So one step better is taking the content you want to post and adapting it to work on each platform. For example, changing the copy to make the most out of the fast nature of Twitter, researching and using the right hashtags on Instagram and making the most out of a call-to-action on Facebook. That’s much better, but you could still do more.

Not every post goes well on each platform, even if you optimised it.

Instead, think about each platform and consider writing a strategy and schedule for each one, rather than a single cover-all approach.

You need to post more on Twitter and it’s a very fast platform, so formality is far less important. Try engaging with trending topics or posting behind the scenes photos.

Facebook is perfect for information. You can post longer posts about your services or pick a theme to base your content around.

Instagram is all about looks and community. Find your niche and look at what competitors are posting. Spend time on your photography and find an angle to tap into.

Social media marketing takes time, thought and planning. One of the most important things you can do as a business owner is get to know the platforms properly and dig deep into the communities you’re trying to reach.

Want to learn more? Get in touch to discuss the training we can offer, all centred around what your business priorities are.

Kate Delaney
07974 054637

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